Get ready for an amazing camping trip!  This secluded lot in Park County is just over 5 acres.  You are guaranteed beautiful sprawling views in every direction!  This lot is just 1/10 of a mile from County Road 53.  You can be at Spinney State Park or Lake George in MINUTES.  Just $500 down, and you can have immediate access to your land!

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Property Details:
Property Address: Caddo Road, Hartsel, CO  80449

Google Maps Link:
Parcel ID: 9142
Size: 5.35 Acres
Terrain: Sloping upward West to East
Access: Dirt Road
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
Taxes: $75 per year
Zoning: Residential
Utilities: None. Water would be by well or holding container. Septic needed. Power would be by solar or generator.
Homes allowed: NO mobile homes. Homes must have a foundation. Tiny homes are allowed if they are on a foundation. Please consult with the county regarding Tiny Home regulations.
Camping Allowed: Yes. For up to 2 weeks (not consecutive) – can get a permit for up to 30 days.

Closest major cities: Colorado Springs – 80 miles. Denver – 120 miles.

Closest town: Hartsel – 12 miles.
Terms: After $249 Document Processing Fee
Discounted Cash Price: $9997
Monthly Installments: $500 down and $ 254 for 60 months

NW GPS: 38.800987, -105.776137
NE GPS: 38.800982, -105.772698
SW GPS: 38.800351, -105.776115
SE GPS: 38.800334, -105.772687