Just 2 miles from San Luis, CO, you can still escape the hustle and bustle of life on your very own 4.9-acre parcel. Gorgeous views in all directions! And the property has some nice but buildable terrain to it!

Just a few miles from fishing at multiple reservoirs!

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Property Details:
Property Address: W. Puma Drive, San Luis, CO 81152

Google Maps Link – https://goo.gl/maps/8EzGGrouK9zJ36Pp9
Parcel ID: 70713250
Size: 4.9 Acres
Ease of Access to Property:
Can be reached by a car weather permitting. Some areas of soft dirt along edge of roads might make a truck, SUV, or 4×4 a better option
Terrain – Scattered small and medium pines. desert grasses, sage, cactus, and yuca.
Access: County Dirt Road
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
Taxes: $128 per year
Zoning: Estate Residential (ER)
Utilities: Solar or Propane accepted. For solar, check out www.rockyhighsolar.com
Nearest Power lines: Power poles along hwy 159 about a 1000 feet to the east. Can make them out near the junkyard if you zoom in on Google maps.
Water: Would have to drill a well or haul water; for water tank call 719-589-6683. You are able to get a water well permit for property in Costilla County through the State of Colorado.
Septic: Needed
Camping: 14 days out of every 3 months. After installation of water system and septic, you can apply for a long-term camping permit with the County.
Types of Homes Allowed: Single Family Homes, Mobile Homes, manufactured after 1976; 600 square foot minimum for a home; Earthship homes okay.
Nearby Attractions: Great Sand Dunes 37 miles away! Base of Mount Blanca 25 miles away! Sanchez Reservoir 12 miles away! Alamosa Wildlife Refuge 38 away!

Discounted Cash Price: $5900
Owner Financing: $199 down and $149 a month for 72 months

Approximate 4-corner GPS coordinates:

NW GPS: 37.2235, -105.4340
NE GPS: 37.2232, -105.4323
SW GPS: 37.2217, -105.4336
SE GPS: 37.2220, -105.4325

Reservoirs for Fishing:

Sanchez Stabilizing Reservoir – Roadside park, fishing, bathrooms
Fishing: Brown Trout, Channel Catfish, Common Carp

Mountain Home reservoir – Camping, fishing, bathrooms
Fishing: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout

Smith Reservoir – Camping, fishing, bathrooms
Fishing: Rainbow Trout

Sanchez Reservoir – Fishing
Fishing: yellow perch, northern pike, walleye and channel catfish

Looking East Across Road
Looking NE
Looking North