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“In my capacity as a very satisfied customer, I would recommend this website and Scott Bossman, without any inhibition, to new customers currently considering Scott for their real estate needs. The professionalism, courtesy and know-how displayed by Scott are truly remarkable, to say the least. 

I own a vacant land parcel in upstate NY, and was notified that the adjacent parcel was also for sale. Given the reality that Real estate transactions can be appalling, initially I was somewhat skeptical. However, we were able to expedite all matters from inception to the recording of the deed at the county office with flawless perfection, thanks mainly to the superior knowledge base, experitise and diligence of Scott. All in all, this is an outstanding company with a well proven track record. Kudos to Scott Bossman. “
Very truly,
Manoj, New York

“We are currently going through Home BASE Properties to purchase our land. This is a new process to us and was very scary going into, but Mr. Bossman put us at ease. He is very professional, helpful, and kind. We talk him up to everyone we talk to. Thank you for working with our family!”
-Sonja B., Colorado

I bought some property from Home BASE recently and it was smooth sailing. I am a first time property owner from them and it went well. The managing owner provided the pertinent information to get things going and was reasonable on the setup fee. Thanks guys – can’t wait to get down to that lot. Cheap property is a popular market – and they got what you need.

– Randy H., Colorado

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