Have you ever wanted to get away from the CRAZY city life? When you buy this affordable property in Southern Colorado, you’ll be able to visit the peaceful and serene countryside anytime. Wait until you smell the pure quiet air surrounded by beautiful Colorado mountains and rivers!

See life with greater clarity while you re-energize yourself. This property has a lot to offer, and you get to do whatever it is you choose to do!

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Located at W Cliff Dr, San Luis, CO 81152. Dirt road access via W Cliff Dr, the terrain is sloped, desert, and plain. The elevation is 8427 ft.


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Property Details:

Property Address: W Cliff Dr, San Luis, CO 81152

Google Maps Link: Click Here!

Parcel ID: 71213860

Size: 2.52 Acres

Terrain: Sloped, Desert, Plain.

Access: W Cliff Dr.

Conveyance: Warranty deed

HOA Fees: N/A

Taxes: $69.28 per year

Utilities: Power by solar, wind, generator, or contact Xcel Energy at (800-895-4999).

Nearest Power lines: Power lines just ONE BLOCK away!

Water: Would be Well or cistern. Contact the Division of Water Resources at (719) 589-6683 to obtain a well permit.

Septic: Septic needed

Camping: Allowed up to 14 days every 3 months.

Types of Homes Allowed: Allowed but must be manufactured after 1976.

Nearby Attractions: Shrine of the Stations of the Cross, Cano Castle, Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument, San Luis Valley Museum Alamosa, UFO Watchtower, Zapata Falls, Colorado Gators Reptile Park.

Cash Price: $5,700.00
Owner Financing: $99 down and $122 a month for 60 months


NW GPS: 37° 8'24.84"N, 105°28'47.37"W

NE GPS: 37° 8'24.85"N, 105°28'39.99"W

SW GPS: 37° 8'23.28"N, 105°28'47.37"W

SE GPS: 37° 8'23.27"N, 105°28'39.95"W